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Davide Marchetti received his master’s in architecture from the University of Rome La Sapienza in 2001 and joined the Massimiliano Fuksas Office in Rome upon graduation. The following year he became a member of the Italian Architects Registry, Chapter of Rome.


In 2004, he began his own practice, Davide Marchetti Architetto. The office is driven by a consistent philosophical approach, not a predetermined style. The work is orientated towards designing and realizing built interventions, cultivating a dialog with spatial relationships, and innovating with a nexus of research and application.


The projects run a gamut of scales: from buildings to interior design, from landscape to process and ecology design. All projects can be identified by strong concepts, based on wide research translated into clear spatial designs. Continuously, we try to explore and develop new ways of thinking about architecture and the surrounding habitat in order to create models for change and innovation.


Projects are approached with a comprehensive emphasis on environmental & sustainability themes, materiality, and cultural context. As a result, the studio aims to create specifically designed and detailed buildings that are deeply contextual with equal attention to function. High quality design results from the continuity of rigorous process and intensive dialogue with the client, consultants, contractors, and inhabitants.


Feasability study / Studi di fattibilità
Technical assistance on administration paperworks / Assistenza tecnica per pratiche amministrative 
Schematic / concept design / Progettazione preliminare
Design development, building authorization submission / Progettazione definitiva, presentazione permessi edilizi
Detailed design / Progettazione esecutiva
Cost estimation / Preventivi e computi metrici estimativi
Project management / Direzione lavori
Interior design / Progetti di interni
Industrial & bespoke furniture design / Progettazione e realizzazione di elementi di arredo su misura
Design and construction of museum and exhibition stands / Progettazione e realizzazione di allestimenti museali e stand fieristici
Landscape design / Progettazione paesaggistica

Residential architecture / Edilizia residenziale privata
Restoration of residential buildings / Ristrutturazione e riqualificazione di edifici residenziali
Retail architecture / Architettura degli spazi commerciali
Office buildings  / Edifici per uffici ed attività terziarie 
Squares, parks, pedestrian / cycle paths and public areas / Piazze, parchi, percorsi ciclo-pedonali e aree pubbliche aperte
Art shows and exhibition stands / Allestimenti di mostre e stand fieristici

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